Hello...and Welcome!

I'm Helen Keating, Space Designer, Classical Yang Zhai Feng Shui Expert, Teacher, Author, and Energy Healer.  Originally from Southern California, I've lived and worked from coast to coast and in Spain. It's been a lovely journey of discovery!

I was initially trained in fine art, commercial art, & visual merchandising. My passion for the built environment led me to train in space design, with specialized training in Sacred Architecture/Spaces and Green Building. I then trained in the ancient principles of Classical Yang Zhai Feng Shui. Did you know that Feng Shui was the original Green Building system? My Feng Shui lineage descends from Master Larry Sang, who established the American Institute of Feng Shui in the US, and I have studied with teachers and Masters from that school, as well as the works of other Masters from China and Taiwan. I also trained in Usui & Holy Fire Reiki (level II), Dowsing, and other complimentary earth-healing systems from Shaman cultures.

For many years I was a military wife and it was during those years of perpetual relocation that I learned special skills for re-visioning, re-purposing, organizing, and simplifying spaces, while maximizing their use with a minimal footprint..

I've been fortunate to work in many places & venues, including developers and in architectural firms. Eventually I set up an independent practice in Palm Springs where my luxury and hospitality list of clients were high-profile and influential. I have partnered with multi-million-dollar corporations and developers to provide spaces that promote a healthy lifestyle within a supportive, eco-friendly, beautiful aesthetic. My diverse list of clients includes luxury, residential, institutional, business offices, medical offices, retail, model homes, hospitality, real estate sales & development, sacred/ritual spaces, and exterior living spaces/gardens.