I teach Orthodox Yang Zhai Feng Shui, which is rooted in and descended from the ancient wisdom based on nature and natural cycles. This developed in China over thousands of years (the oldest Form School dates back over 6,000) and was popularized during the Qing Dynasty.  This scientific approach is unlike the one-size-fits-all bagua, or the use of cultural talismans steeped in superstition. The focus of GLFSA is on the ancient wisdom of Form and Compass schools, Xuan Kong Flying Stars principles, and the I Ching (aka Book of Changes). 

My study model involves a personalized combination of options. Students learn the history and methodology of Scientific Feng Shui in modules and at their own pace. This is a perfect option for busy professionals, parents, students, and distance learners. I provide a curriculum, manuals, reading list, supplemental materials, and options for additional online study, all of which can be done in your own home or in-person, at your own pace.

We meet once a week in person to cover the material and assignments for that week. If you are a distance learner, our weekly study session are  via phone or other live video chat. If life gets in the way or you need more time to complete the reading and assignments, there's built-in flexibility. This is a self-paced study course, but I encourage my students to maintain momentum so they may successfully complete the coursework and advance to the next level. It's important to set aside time to study, just as you would with other coursework or college classes. You will receive a curriculum and a list of text books to obtain. You'll also receive a considerable amount of supplemental handouts for you to begin compiling a notebook of resources. You determine how quickly you move through the material, based on your life/work schedule. But you will not move beyond your skills level as I determine your comprehension of the material. Once I see that you have achieved competence in specific theories, we will move to the next level. This study is achieved through “building blocks” and without competence at the lower levels, there’s little chance of achieving full competence at the higher levels.

This is a serious curriculum that changes lives. Completion of all modules and the Advanced Practicum is required to obtain the status of a Certified Feng Shui Professional. For this designation, there is a minimum requirement of case studies consisting of residential, business, and real estate consultations and a final exam that is a distance case study and essay. Once I feel the student has achieved a level of mastery to be an effective and proficient practitioner, a certificate of award is issued. Below is an overview of the study modules.

golden lotus.png
Being my first long distance learning experience, I was a little nervous about hot it was all going to unfold! Scientific Feng shui is unlike anything I have learned in the past…the information is very rich and dense. There are so many principles to learn and once learned, analysis of the data is complex. The quality and clarity of Helen’s instruction has been beyond excellent and the support that I have received from her along the way has made this such a rewarding experience for me. My life has benefitted on so many levels and I will carry this information with me for the rest of my life. Helen is an amazing teacher…truly a gift to the world.
— Alexia H. – Northern California
Helen has been my mentor since I began my journey as a fledgling Feng Shui practitioner. From answering simple questions to sharing in-depth knowledge, insights and recommendations for supplemental study, Helen’s mentorship has provided valuable guidance for me to grow as a Feng Shui Professional. Her scientific approach to holistic environments aligns with my personal philosophoy and the teachings of our shaared historical lineage. We now often share new insights, resources, and views as contemporaries. In the world of Feng Shui it is important to pass on the knowledge and wisdom gaine through continuing studies and experiences. My goal is to be like Helen and pass on this knowledge to the next generation of Feng Shui professionals. Thank you, Helen, for being such a great mentor!
— Nobuyo Sakata, Feng shui Professiona, Maryland USA

Group Classes and Workshops

Group classes and workshops can be customized and scheduled upon request. These can be  full-day sessions or for 2-3hrs once-per-week (depending upon the size of the group) and may be in your home, office, or community room. Optionally, I can help you find a meeting room in a local conference center or hotel. Contact me with your group's information and goals, and I will customize classes for you.

I occasionally do mini-workshops covering specific subjects. Subscribe to stay abreast of current offerings and receive those notices.

Introduction FS101

$400 / 2-4 weeks

  • Introduction to Feng Shui & History

  • Yin-Yang concepts

  • Five Elements concepts

  • Determining Personal and Building Trigrams

  • Using the Luo Pan/compass

  • 2 virtual or in-person meetings & phone/email support

Beginning  FS102

$475 / 3-6 weeks


  • External Environment (geomancy)

  • Internal Environment flow

  • Lou Shu Map

  • 8 Mansions

  • Qi Mapping on a Floor Plan

  • 3 virtual or in-person meetings & phone/email support

Intermediate FS103

$550 / 3-6 weeks

  • Xuan Kong Flying Stars

  • Intermediate concepts and analysis

  • Case study of the student's home

  • 3 virtual or in-person meetings & phone/email support

Advanced FS104

$750 / 5-10 weeks

  • Advanced concepts and analytics

  • 5 case studies (practicum)

  • 5 virtual or in-person meetings & phone/email support

  • Certificate of Completion of Advanced Feng Shui Principles

Advanced Practicum or Mentoring


  • This is for prior students who want more mentoring or students from other schools who want to deepen their knowledge and analyses skills.

  • Analysis of your current client projects (up to 3 cases per month. Additional case studies @ $100/ea)

  • Supplemental materials

  • 2 virtual or in-person support sessions and email support

  • Optional Mentoring for analysis of single case studies @ $125/per case study