This listing is not exhaustive, but provides a starting point for customizing services to your needs and circumstances. Fees may be hourly or quoted according to the scope of your project. Contact me for more information.

Feng Shui
Space/Earth Healing

  • Local and distance consultations, worldwide

  • Residential, business, retail, industrial, institutional

  • Personal Trigrams for each individual informs best placement & position for work, sleep, etc.

  • Space and & earth healing, and re-calibration (aka "energy clearing) changes the frequency/vibration

  • Real estate and construction/development for sellers, buyers, agents, and developers

  • Average fees: $500 (residential), $1000 (office building)

Space Design,

New Construction

  • Fees range from hourly, per room, or per project

  • New Home Construction: property selection, building orientation, auspicious dates, land healing, Feng Shui & consecration (average $1.5-2k)

  • Real Estate Development: fees quoted per project

  • Specializing in eco-friendly products and finishes

  • Small and large projects, from single rooms to complete buildings, models, and campuses

  • Re-design & styling using existing and/or new furnishings and accessories

  • Styling/staging of real estate properties to maximize sale/leasing opportunities

  • Downsizing and simplifying

  • Color consultations

  • Architectural plans (floor plans, elevations, & renderings)

Organizing &

  • Specializing in relocation, re-visioning, and petite spaces

  • Downsizing, simplifying

  • De-cluttering assistance includes strategic planning, on-site assistance, and logistical assistance

  • Organizing and maximizing usable space

  • Personal shopper/shopping assistant & sourcing

  • Average fees: $99/2 hrs and $40 for each additional hour

Presentations, Workshops, Event Meet & Greet

  • Groups of all sizes, from intimate gathering to event presentations & workshops

  • Real Estate Presentations, Special Events, Conventions, Trade Shows

  • Tailored to resonate with your group's interests or type of business

  • Small group (10-15): $199 per 30-min presentation + 10-min Q&A; large groups and events start at $349/hr with a 1 hr minimum

  • Special Event Meet & Greet (no presentation): $250/per 2hrs