Happy Clients!

Great experience with HelenK!

Helen, the owner, was truly amazing in that she had a vision of what could be while I was oblivious to the possibilities having lived for so many years in the same house.

Helen totally redid every room on three floors using mostly what we already had. She called it "shopping at home." What we didn't have we found elsewhere at discount shops and even Goodwill. Helen combined contemporary styles along with my more classic European pieces which made for a wonderful mix, while still retaining my personal style and still supporting our lifestyle.

In addition, her energy was great! Her spirit was vibrant, full of enthusiasm and self-confidence which made me feel confident with her ability. Having her on site for the 2 weeks it took for her to completely restyle my home was a transformative experience.

I would, without reservation, recommend Helen Keating to anybody, anywhere. She was a delight to work with!

Denise H. - Rockville MD

I highly recommend Helenk Studio!

Helen has been a pleasure working with, and offered insightful, innovative elements to my design needs. She is professional, timely, and very experienced. She has transformed my living space into something beautiful. I couldn't be happier.

Jennifer Z - Escondido CA

Professional and Creative!

Helen was professional, informed, creative and genuinely interested in assisting us in bringing a balanced flow of energy through our home. Her tips were realistic and clear. I highly recommend her service for a true and traditional Feng Shui consultation.

Danielle S., Rancho Santa Fe CA

A Joy in My Life!

Dear Helen, you are a joy in my life! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Beatrice.C. - San Diego, CA

Our Home is in Alignment With Us!

I noticed a change.  it was beautiful.  It happened after I brought my crystals back into the house after the full moon.  It was the same day I set up the copper fountain near the front door.  It was a day after I put up the mirrors and hung some crystals throughout the house. It was a culmination day for all I had done up to that point.  That evening during a moment alone, I felt the energy of...my home and the earth underneath...align with me.  I felt it as a force of energy that was more direct and efficient than before. I actually felt that my house and the earth upon which it sits as a force that was now working with us, as a team rather than earth that sits as ground and just sits, or a house that is a building rather than a building with life force energy. In any case, pretty cool result. [My husband] is super happy with the change,  He feels it too. From the moment he came home the day you visited, and I moved the furniture as you suggested and added the plants...immediate verbal validation.  He loved it.

Things are good.  I thank you.  You have improved my life.

In appreciation with best wishes,

EB - San Diego CA

A Changed Man!

Helen was amazing.  She took my tiny studio which, I thought, didn't have too many options and made it a true "happy place".  With some rich questions about me, true readings of my studio, and overall connection to my place, she made some very simple but effective changes.

Immediately, my whole being felt more at peace.  Since then, so many positive changes have happened with my professional career and overall well-being.

I am so grateful for Helen and her caring soul.

Lee K. - San Diego CA

If You  Want to Up Your Business Game, Helen is The Key to Unlocking Your Business’s True Potential!

We are a small established business here in San Diego and make a good income with small typical office “issues” and heard from another business owner who had his office ”Feng Shui’d” and his business was booming! So why not? I made the appointment and wow! I had no idea what to expect and I was so impressed. Helen came in and did an official floor plan with our specific compass reading (no one-size-fits-all here!) and went over recommendations for unlocking our potential. She also placed each employee in the area most conducive for their productivity. Right away the inter-office relationships improved...no more drama! That was almost 5 months ago and our business has doubled if not more. We have had an offer that will take our businesses to levels we never dreamed and definitely financial abundance! I would never go into another space without having Helen's magical Feng Shui (come to find out it’s actual science) consult on it!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!


WS - Business Owner, San Diego CA

The Gift That Keeps On Giving!

Helen is AMAZING! I had a friend who was really down and had been very negative and closed down after a series of life events and I didn’t know how to help her. I heard about Helen and scheduled a Feng Shui consultation for my friend as a gift. My friend was a little hesitant, not knowing anything about Feng Shui and all of its benefits but agreed to let Helen do the consult. There was immediate results! She was open and happy! She wanted to interact with family and friends again…it was the best gift and worth every penny!! She had such good results I scheduled a consultation for myself! This is really a gift that keeps on giving and it goes beyond words on how grateful I am to have met Helen. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to bring positive changes into their life.

Alicia M. - San Diego CA

Real Results for Business

Helen is an amazing Feng Shui Master. I opened a storefront and spa in October 2014 and was looking for someone to ensure I was building my business in a space that brought in plenty of prosperity and abundance. I thought it was especially important to start with a clean slate energetically since the building was built in 1930. She provided excellent suggestions on the placement of furnishings, cleared the energy in each room, explained how bagua affirmations could help, and provided detailed lists and layouts so I could get started right away. Instantly I saw a difference in the number of customers that walked through the door. My business is now thriving, and I owe a lot of it to Helen's decor and Feng Shui abilities. I would recommend her services to just about everyone I know.

Tina P - Small Business Owner, San Diego CA

Feng Shui for Abundance!

I consult with clients as a private health care advocate and one client seemed to have unusually excessive daily negative stressors without relief. I began searching for answers to this phenomenon and it occurred to me that it could be in her environment. So I called Helen Keating, whose reputation and results as a classical Feng Shui expert were well known to me. She agreed that there must be an energetic imbalance causing the non-stop negative incidents. So I asked the client for permission to bring Helen in as a consultant to evaluate her home for possible energetic "glitches." She was very open to it and Helen accompanied me to the client's home. She quietly did her analysis and briefly discussed her recommendations then followed up with a detailed written report. My client was thrilled and began to implement the changes discussed that day. I received this message from the client the next morning:

"God & the Feng Shui angels must be smiling because I just received a check from H&R Block! I had been asking them for a tax prep refund for weeks (and they weren’t sure if they were even going to approve it) and the day Helen did my consult I received it in the afternoon mail!"

AM - Small Business Owner, San Diego CA

Positive Changes!

I'm a new homeowner and was referred by a friend...and this was just what I needed to help me organize and set up my home with fresh energy and to make positive changes to my life. I had such great results! You are an amazing person, with lots of positive energy that I absorbed. I liked the time and care you took to really analyze my home and to make helpful recommendations about furnishings, colors and art. The space clearing really made a difference in giving the space fresh energy. My house feels good; I get compliments that my house has good energy. Some of the most valuable aspects of the consultation were the Feng Shui Report, the Space Clearing, and the fact that you have 30 days following the consultation of unlimited customer support, for questions and clarifications, etc. I refer to the feng shui report and bagua on a daily basis. I valued all your advice and expertise and have seen positive results. I loved the suggestions for my entry which makes the entrance to my house much more welcoming. I feel like I have more energy now. It is easier for me to get out of bed in the morning. I got accepted into grad school, and I am generally happier and more satisfied with my life right now. It was easy to work with you and take in all your advice. I did not feel like you judged what I had or told me what to do. You were very professional with your suggestions. I enjoyed working with you very much!

Vanessa M. -  San Diego CA